Contemporary jewelry designer Andreea Bololoi wires up your outfit

Hello! My name is Andreea Bololoi, I’m from Timisoara, Romania, and I graduated the Graphics section, at the Fine Arts and Design Faculty from Timisoara. In my second year of college I’ve discovered jewelry making and I enjoyed it so much that I was always searching for new techniques and trying to develop my skills on my own. My attention to details grew while in college, when I was most comfortable working on small canvases. I’ve found very helpful everything I’ve learned because I could apply that knowledge in the jewelry field. A few years later, I attended the Contemporary Jewelry School Assamblage, from Bucharest, wanting to discover new ways of working with metal and to make another step towards my artistic evolution.

I like making necklaces, which are mostly statement necklaces, having a special care for details and finishing touches. It’s a real challenge to use a line (the wire), thinner or thicker, in order to make volumes, surfaces and textures, because at some point, the line limits your creativity. That’s why I use different styles in my works, because sometimes I let myself constrained by these limits, and sometimes I try to overcome them. I usually combine the shine of the silver plated wire, which imposes elegance and preciousness, with textiles – waxed cotton cords and silky thread – to minimize their sumptuousness and make them easier to wear.


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