Simon O`Rourke creates amazing art with the chainsaw

Simon O`Rourke is a young and wonderful artist. He creates art in an unsual way, not with the chisel, but with the chainsaw.

Who knew that with such a strong instrument you can achieve fine art?

 Simon O`Rourke

We definitely have to meet him 🙂

Please tell us a little about yourself 

I am 36 and have been making a living from sculpture for 10 years now. Born in liverpool, I left home to study illustration in Wrexham, and have lived there ever since.

How did you discover your love for sculpting?

Not able to find work as an illustrator after my degree, I went to work for a tree surgeon, discovered the chainsaw, then saw somebody carving and thought I would give it a try!

 Why a chainsaw?

He main reason I use the chainsaw is for speed. But I love the fact that a destructive tool can be used to create beauty and expression.

Can you describe us in a few words your creation process?

When an initial idea is formed, and the right piece of wood chosen, it’s simply a case of removing wood until I find the form inside!

What is more challenging: working on comissions or testing your own ideas? Do you like to carve something in particular?

I love to carve the human form, and really enjoy it when I get a commission that involves that. It’s challenging when I get asked to carve something I am unfamiliar with, but I love a challenge!

I rarely get the chance to test my own ideas, but love it when I do.

Do you have a favourite item among your work collection? 

I loved creating the giant hand, and also the most recent and most complex piece, the knight on a rearing horse.

Simon O`RourkeSimon O`Rourke


Although all your works are great, most of the people that appreciate your work, like the Dark Knight sculpture. Do you think the video on your website regarding its creation has something to do with it?

I consider the video timelapse as an integral part of the sculpture, and I think the combination of the final location of the piece, the marketing surrounding it, and the presentation had as much art to play as the actual piece.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Rodin. His expression of form and the textures are something I aspire to.

Where do we find your work?

All sorts of locations around the UK. There are several in public places like the museum of Somerset, lake Vyrnwy, west links play area in Arbroath, Scotland and many more.

Thank you, Simon!




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