ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty

Researching the internet for information in the jewelry field, I found various amazing artists with more or less experience in this domain. In Romania, there are more great jewelers than I thought when I first started to work on my projects. Each artist has a statement item that brands his name and style among the other artists.

This is why I want you all to meet today, ArtizAna.

ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty

I know her work for quite some time and to be honest I found her most important creations on Pinterest, without knowing that she is a Romanian artist, until one day, when during my tea break, I saw a music video zof Inna, a worldwide known Romanian singer. Inna was wearing one of ArtizAna`s Anatomic Beauty beaded accessory, the one I saw on the internet :)) I looked her up on Facebook and I texted her immediately to congratulate her.

ArtizAna tell us something about you

I have been all my life a creative person, in love with beauty but not bold enough to express myself in an artistic way, reserved also perfectionist and my biggest critic, but one day I dared..

How did you start beading?

I made a necklace of small black roses made out of polymer clay and beads sewn on leather. I was happy with the result so I continued. Soon, I discovered beading, new techniques, new materials, I was so fascinated that I could not stop beading.Then I realized that beads are used just in classic jewelry design and decided to make them more contemporary, so I focused on bead construction, so I am a self-taught artist and always experimenting with different materials and techniques.

How did you succeed to collaborate with Inna?

Last year I participated at the BOTB international beading contest(Battle of the bead smith) and created the piece called Anatomic Beauty, that represents a ribcage and spine in my own interpretation, it is a body jewelry made out of Miyuki Toho Beads and Swarovski Elements, it took me one month of work but it was worth it.

Anatomic Beauty by ArtizAna

With this piece, and the Unleashed Collection I took part for the first time at the Contemporary Author Jewelry Fair, the place to be if u love contemporary jewelry. The best and the only contemporary jewelry fair in Romania, best artists exhibit their work at Autor. There, my beadwork was noticed and appreciated by Domica Mărgescu, Fashion director at Elle Magazine Romania to whom I am grateful. She presented my work to Inna for her Diggy Down music video. The singer liked it and she wore the Anatomic Beauty piece in the video. I must say that I love how my jewelry piece dances on her music, so thanks a lot Inna.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Inspiration comes from everything, color, photo, architecture, vintage jewelry, nature, sometimes from a previous jewelry of mine.

What is your favorite item from your portfolio?

Anatomic Beauty, but even if this is by far the most remarkable work of mine, I do love every piece of jewelry, therefore, I continue to work every day.

Do you have a favorite artist?

I am in love with haute couture designer Serkan Cura, I also appreciate Doru Dumitrescu`s soulful wearable sculptures and Mona Vulpoiu`s Utopic Jewellery

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work here: ArtizAna Beadwork

Also you can reach me here: and let me bead a special jewelry just for you 😉

ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty ArtizAna`s unleashed beading beauty

Photo credits: Diana Bilec



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