Polymer clay pendants full of joy and colors from DumavobleU

Dear Cathy,

Your pendants are absolutely gorgeous! I like the abstract design, the colors, the presentation, the product photos, everything ! You induce a state of happiness with your jewels.

Tell us something about you personally and professionally.

My name is Cathy Barbaray (Dumauvobleu) and I’m jewel designer since 2009. Before, I was a painter.

I live in a “little house on the prairie” in Normandy, where I find my inspiration.

I love colors, cats, walking near the sea, a cloudy sky…….and so many, many things

I am very fortunate to have discovered exactly how I want to spend my days.

When did you discover that you are a handmade artist?

I’ve always loved working with my hands, from a very young age (not artist yet, but Am I an artist ? 😉

I am constantly creating, drawing, inventing…

How did you start working with polymer clay?

Since I could remember, I always wanted to work with glass but It wasn’t possible for me at this moment of my life.

It’s because I couldn’t play with glass, that I found and fell in love with polymer clay.

I must let you know, that for two years, I had a chance to work with glass rods in my studio.

Your items are full of color, they are so…lovable 🙂 What inspires you in your work?

Every things I see, sunrise, stormy weather, tranquil atmosphere….. my last dream 🙂

I believe that inspiration is everywhere.

Can you describe us in a few words your technique?

I’m often working like a quilted textile artist. Texture and collage are both the way I love playing in a slow process.

Where can we find your work?

You can take a look here :DumauvobleU

Thank you for talking to us, Cathy!

DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU DumavobleU





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