Sabeena Karnik creates amazing quilling typography

I also like quilling, it is a hobby of mine and i practice it as much as I can. What I also like, is to research and read many things about paper generally, because I find this material fascinating. During my reading hours I found out about Sabeena Karnik and I looked her on the internet. I really liked her work and I felt that I need to meet her, even virtualy, maybe she can teach me something.

She agreed on the spot! This is a very important step, because most of important artists are too busy to reply to an email even!

sabeena karnik

Tell us a little about yourself, Sabeena

I am a typographer specializing in paper illustrations based in Mumbai, India. I love creating letters with paper, and am constantly experimenting. Whenever free, I keep sketching and writing, doodling with words imagining how it would look made with paper.

Travelling, observing designs in nature and people is a big passion.


How did you discover quilling?

Paper was always an interesting medium. Earlier I used to do paper sculpturing, creating animals and birds using the 3D technique. One day I thought of trying to stick strips on the edge and make alphabets, since calligraphy and type were my first love, documenting each letter and creating it with the most vibrant colors. Initially it was a challenge to finish all letters and it took almost 6 months for the completion. But I loved the process and the response was shockingly good.

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How did you transformed your skills into a business?

There were agencies who saw my letters online and decided to commission work from me. That’s when I realized maybe this is something people actually like and want to see more of commercially. So it was never my intention to transform this love to a business, it just happened very naturally.

Can you describe us in a few words the procedure of creating one of your commissions?

Every project is first started with the brief from a client, which leads to me making a lot of sketches and drawings. Once the ideas and colors are finalized, I start making the paper art, which take anything from 10- 15 days depending on the work. On completion there is photography that is as important as my artwork. It has to capture my illustration, the three dimensional aspect of it with the colors in the best way. When that is done to my satisfaction, the art is ready for publishing.

Do you have a favorite artist?

I don’t have a favorite artist, but I love all kind of art that is very unique, out of the box and extremely colorful. I am fascinated with the ideas of how light and shadow can transform colors.

How many hours do you spend daily on quilling?

With paper I spend from 1- 12 hours daily.  It could be just trying different experiments, shaping them, cutting them or making a letter with them.

What is your favorite work from your portfolio?

Every art I have created is one of my favorites, so it’s very hard to choose. Maybe I haven’t yet created the best one.

Dear Sabeena it`s been a pleasure chatting with you 🙂

sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik sabeena karnik

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