Ester Roi: artist, inventor and promoter

Dear Ester,

I think that you are a wonderful person. You are the most selfless person I have ever met and I wish that one day I will too, be also able to bring into the spot light more artists 🙂

The fact that you help hundred of artists to be known by allowing them to promote themselves on your Facebook page is really amazing.

So, today, it is time for you to be a little bit rewarded for your kind gesture, and I would like for you, to let me show everyone in Romania, who you are.

ester roi

Tell us about yourself: who is Ester – the woman behind the brand?

I was born and grew up in Northern Italy in a town not far from the Alps and inland from Venice. My father, a teacher, always nurtured my love for art and nature.We tookmany weekend outings to the mountains; together we explored the wilderness and memorized the names of all the flowers, rocks and fossils we’d find along the way. Some of my favorite subjects are indeed the same ones I learned to love as a child.

I came to California in my twenties and married the love of my life. Here I continued my art education and raised two wonderful sons who, along with my husband, are my biggest supporters.

I lead a simple life. I spend my days creating art in my studio and running an art related business.Whenever possible I take short trips or vacations to immerse myself in nature.My favorite hobbies are gardening, photography, and playing piano.

When did you realize that you are an artist?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t dreaming of being an artist. However, it wasn’t until I came to the United States that I began envisioning the possibility of being one. My dream became a reality ten years ago. I never wonder why it didn’t happen sooner; I just feel very grateful to be a working artist now.

Your work is very realistic. Why did you choose to represent the water in your work?

Water for me is magical; it’s the element that unifies all my works. I study rocks and flowers above and below the surface, and I meticulously record the visual changes that water imparts to their shapes and colors. I strive to capture the interplay between realistic images and their abstracted counterparts and to integrate them harmoniously.

Tell us about the Icarus Board 🙂 How did you come up with the idea for this invention? How does it work?

One of my proudest accomplishments is the invention of the Icarus Drawing Board, a portable, electrical drawing board for wax-based drawing media. In early 2006 my interest was focused on a technique called ‘colored pencil painting’ which aims to achieve the same level of color saturation and density that is characteristic of acrylic or oil.

While searching for ways to facilitate the blending of colored pencils, I decided to experiment with heat and soon discovered how remarkable its effect was.Heat helps soften or melt the waxy pigments so they can be easily manipulated and blended in a painterly fashion. This technique is the perfect method to achieve the smooth gradations and dissolving hues that permeate my art.

The Icarus Drawing Board features two working zones, a warm zone and a cool zone. In general, I use the warm zone for blending, burnishing, and reworking; the cool zone for layering, detailing, and finishing touches. It works with all wax-based drawing media like colored pencils, artist crayons, and wax and oil pastels.

I would like to find out more about the creation process. Can you describe it? ( ideas, sketches, color choosing…etc)

I always have many ideas floating around in my mind and they all stem from my relentless obsession with nature and especially water-related subjects. I take photos while travelling or at home where I set up still life using glass tanks filled with water. Then I begin to recreate the scenery that I pictured in my mind, focusing on a particular effect. That might be the contrast between the solid rocks above the surface and their restless reflections below; the realistic depiction of a floating daisy versus its abstract, refracted counterpart; or the transparency and buoyancy of a poppy that appears like a mysterious jelly fish.

I usually revisit those images in the evening and play with them in my editing program until I have several references that come close to my original vision. Sometimes I get surprised along the way and end up with a totally different but equally appealing result. After working out the composition with thumbnail sketches, I make a finalline drawing. I then begin the ‘painting’ phase while surrounded by hundreds of colored sticks in the form of colored pencils, artists crayon, and oil pastels.

Where can we find your work?

After a two month long marathon art festival in 2012, and through my Facebook page, I started acquiring a steady and growing number of collectors who keep me busy with commissions. All my art is now sold through my website store at

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