Olga Shumilova`s amazing beading work

I found Olga on line doing a research about hand made purses, I look her up and found out that she is both a delightful artist and person.

Let`s know her better and be amazed by her work.

rucsandra obretin

Tell us something about you personally and professionally. When did you discover that you are a handmade artist?

My name is Olga Shumilova. I live in Russia, not far Moscow.

For almost 8 years, I have taken up beadwork as a serious occupation. This practice has taken firm hold of me.

I taught myself beadwork techniques, through books and the internet. Once I had done that, took pleasure in ever more complex creations. I decided that I would work only with the very best materials, ones that like. I cannot do without tiny 15/0 and natural gem stones. Then are what enliven my creative process.

Why did you choose beading technique?

I have pursued some sort of handiwork my whole life: knitting, embroidery, and macramé. In University I mastered batik, flower arrangement, machine embroidery, and leather work. But beadwork has always drawn me. One can make almost anything from these little spheres.

Bead weaving techniques – I choose those that fit my vision. I like clean lines and volume, so I like all manner of dense stitches: herringbone and peyote. Sometimes, one can’t do without embroidery. But I get more pleasure from bead weaving.

What inspires you in your work?

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. My main inspiration, of course, is nature. But any drawing or architectural detail can jolt creativity. For instance, not long ago I was riding on the train and saw something sticking to the window. I looked at it and immediately imagined a pendant, that I plan now to make.

From all the jewelry you created so far, do you have a favorite?

Of all of the pieces I have made, my favorites are those that have enlivened my creative sensibility. For instance, the necklace “Impression”. While making it, I had to solve the problem – how to join the butterfly to the flower. I thought for a long about how to create the effect, from a distance, of butterflies, and up close, of a flower. The solution came unexpectedly and surprisingly simple!

I put my soul into every piece, and I relate to them as to children, whom I love each equally.



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