Incredible felt purses made by Atsuko Sasaki

A while ago, I did a little research to write an article for the magazine I collaborate with about hand made purses that are actually a wearable form of art. This is how I discovered Taneno.


Tell us a little about yourself: professional and personal

My name is Atsuko Sasaki.  I live in Gifu, Japan.I received a graduate degree in Oil Painting from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 1993. After graduation, I have continued to work as an artist, participating in group exhibitions as well as holding solo shows:“I want to create art with wool!” “I want to use wool as my paint!”

That is my world of felt ― wool art that starts with an artistic point of view. I also began wanting to create accessible artwork that anyone can hold, use, and touch. Your bag, scarf, hat and necklace, for example, could be the work of art.„Carry the art♪” means to live with the art.  That is the concept of “taneno.” produced by Atsuko Sasaki.

I have been working with felt for 15 years. I studied it on my own, after countless failures and research. I usually spend 6 to 10 hours every day in my home studio.  My handmade felt is very strong and high quality. I put in a great deal of effort to achieve the smooth finish, rubbing and compressing with my hands until I know it is as strong as it can get. Wool has a soothing nature, but the work that goes into it is physical! Nature inspires my imagination. I love the shape and organically smooth curves of plants. They remind me of the softness and warmness of wool.When their images unite in my imagination, a new design is born.

I have a shop named „taneno.” Tane means plant seeds in Japanese. The planted seeds eventually grow into a big tree. A big tree develops out of a small seed.Seeds are small in size but house incredible potential.I adore that about seeds, and they became the namesake of my shop.

You can also find me on Facebook at, as Felt art taneno, or Atsuko Sasaki.

Please enjoy my high quality felt artwork that is filled with love.

How did you discover your love for handmade?

I met with the wool to 15 years ago. And wanted to make a hat of my son in the Love material. That’s the beginning.

Why did you choose felt?

Because I like the soft atmosphere. And I wanted to taking advantage of the sense I learned in painting. The main feature of wool felt is that it allows me the freedom of contours and irregular shapes that are not possible with other materials. I can even create bags with interesting shapes without any seams.  This cannot be done with cloth sewn on a sewing machine.The wool felt bags are strong enough to enjoy for a lifetime.

What do you like to create most ?

I love the sea anemone. I want to express a felt material that is in the natural world and the creatures of the sea.

What inspires you in your work?

I have inspired a beautiful curve organisms in the natural world .

Do you have a design in mind from the beginning?

I like to make the plans of all from the beginning. When I begin on a piece, I first draw the design in a sketchbook, and I create the pattern paper based on the sketch. Although I create the same design with different colors, each design is individually unique, and no two are the same.

Thank you very much for your time Mr Sasaki.



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