Ben Young creates amazing hand-made glass sculptures

I think Ben is amazing, working with glass must be very difficult and challenging at the same time. Being attracted by the liquid medium, he recreates it using glass. The result is an amazing work of art.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am originally from a small beachside town in New Zealand called Waihi Beach. I grew up surfing and also trained as a boat builder. I have always been the round the ocean and that is what inspires my work. I am now living in Sydney, Australia and have set up my glass studio here and am lucky enough to be now doing my glass sculpture full time which I am really grateful for.

Working_3_by_Zico_O'Neilll Working_4_by_Zico_O'Neilll

photo: Zico O’Neill

Why did you choose to work with glass?

That it is such an unusual material that most people just take for granted in their lives. It’s solid yet transparent and most importantly the way light reacts within giving it liquid type properties. I love that at different times of the day the work will look so different depending on how light it hitting it.

Can you tell us in a few words about your technique?

Very time consuming and hand crafted – everything from the planning stages, concept sketching and then final product is done by hand.


What inspires you?

I take inspiration from all aspects of my life, growing up by the sea, being a boat builder, loving nature and exploring. I think those inspirations are all pretty apparent in my work.

What is the creation that you like most from all your gallery?

I feel like each new piece I create I like more than the last. I guess it’s because ideas evolve and I am constantly developing a style and trying new things. I really like the more technically difficult pieces to create – when I finish them I feel like I have really achieved something special. I think my favorite piece at the moment is actually the simplicity of Rough Waters, that piece really allows you to appreciate the materials working together.


Where can we find your work?

I have work exhibited with Kirra Galleries in Melbourne, Australia and you can also see it via my website and I am constantly updated my Facebook and Tumblr.

It is been a pleasure knowing you!

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