Guido Daniele – creating a Zoo using hands

The reason that I started this blog is Mr Guido. I am into handmade business, but in my opinion, handmade is every art that involves the using of hand, including painting, sculpting etc.

I tried to make an article about bodypainting and it was declined by my editor, because at the magazine we write about wearable handmade items. I was dissapointed, but determined at the same time to make my own compendium of great artist. Obviously I contacted Mr Guido, and to my surprise I had an answer from him in few hours.


Guido Daniele: born in 1950,painter, illustrator, photographer, in one word, an artist. We may know him due to his handimals, but he has more exceptional work, like trompe l`oeil tehnique.  Let`s meet him. 🙂

When did you first start to paint? What do you love most about painting?

During my first year of school I found to be as good at drawing school because my teacher asked me to do a drawing for the Director, on behalf of the whole school.
 From that day on, all my classmates asked me to design everything for them, from the football players to cartoons. That was one of the beautiful parts.

How did you come up with the idea of handimals ? 🙂

I started to do body painting in 1990 and the hand painting in 2000, because someone asked me if I was able to do a very difficult thing in painting without using digital retouching For an artist, it’s always nice to face a new challenge.  I was the first to be amazed at the result, beautiful!

Do you believe advertising can be a form of art?

I have painted for the „pure Art” and the „commercial art” to survive so yeah, I do believe it is a form of art. After all, a young art director of an advertising agency gave me the idea.

What inspires you to do this form of art?

I’ve always been attracted by nature: the sea, the trees, the mountains and the animals especially. At the age of 12, my parents rented a vacation home in the mountains and I started to climb trees and rocks, watching and touching the animals, insects, snakes, squirrels and marmots, birds , cows, horses. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the oportunity to see all of them but I study them really hard before painting so I feel like I also saw them in real life 🙂

What is the most difficult aspect of your work?

Painting things very precise and detailed is a work of calm and concentration so sometimes it becomes quite difficult to be focused and really concentrated for a long time.

What was your most complex project until now?

My most difficult subjects took 2 days to paint.

The more complex hand paintings I have done is the Royal Pyton,

I have paint one arm the first day an the second arm during the second day…the third day I compose 3 photos with photoshop.

rucsandra obretin

Which was your first handimal?

The Cheetah

rucsandra obretin

Which is your favorite handimal and why?

The Elephant is one of the first animals that I have paint,

It`s one of the oldest and biggest animals, in danger of extinction.


What is your ongoing project, if I may ask? And what do you intend to paint next?

I have just done a difficult job in Germany : paint on each finger one person, 15 different men and women with different clothes: very difficult !

I want to paint all the animals are possible to paint on hands.

Is it hard to paint on skin?

The canvas is flat and cold, the skin is warm and elastic moves while you paint it, it is much more difficult, but it is also much more interesting and then I can talk and get to know a person while I paint ….with a canvas I can not speak.
 My favorite models are my son Michael James of 22 years and my daughter Geneva 27, I spend some great hours with them while I paint and photograph their hands.

What is the message that you are trying to send through your work?

Respect the life in our planet : no wars, no violence, no pollution !

Protect the planet where we live : it’ s our house !

bald-eagle-on-brown cat-on-orange chameleon chicken chimpanzee corals dog-hound-on-gray dog-pointer elephant-white-on-gold european-eagle-on-white fenicottero iguana om-mani-padme-hum panda panther penguin ricerca-mani-gattinara-daniele-512x340 toucan-on-sky wild-duck

Read more about body painting here.


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