Unirea Salt Mine from Slănic, Prahova

It`s been a long time since I visited one of the most spectacular places close to my home town. This place is called Unirea salt mine and you can find it in Slanic, Prahova.

The salt mine is both spectacular and health friendly for all those with breathing problems, few hours there will make you feel better phisically and mentally.

The work in progress sign will always be there though, but for good reasons due to the depth of the salt mine and visibility.

Did you know that there has been 2.9 milion cubic meters of salt excaveted from there ? Therefore there were created 14 chambers, as result of the excavation.

The place has beed opened for the public in 1970. The landscape of the surface is just breathtaking too, summer is the right season for visiting 🙂

The salt mine is 208 meters deep, you will go down there with an elevator. There are constant 13 degrees Celsius, so an extra jacket is needed. 60% himudity, the slightly wet and salty air is effectively cleaning and improving your body functions.

There is a rest area, with long chairs where you can sit, sleep, work on your laptop and chat with friends due to the free wifi if you want.

You can stay there from opening hours untill closing time, and if you go fot treatment, you will have a discount for one week subscription.

If you go there as a family with children, you cand find a play zone, carting, pool tables, footbal and voley court. There is a small caffeteria also.

On the surface you can find a restaurant, pretty good i might say.

You can visit the salt mountain and an old salt mine filled with water called the Bride`s Cave, due to a local legend. The legend says that an unhappy bride drowned in that lake, although….the water is extremelly salty and everything or anyone just floats because of that ! – there is a legend that I can`t believe :))

There are few local monasteries you can visit also, arround Slanic town: Ghighiu, Zamfira, Crasna, Cheia, Suzana for a touch of spirituality.

Or if you want to experience the floating sensation, even for those who do not know how to swim, you can choose one of the many salt lakes arround the town.

Hoping that you will enjoy your trip there I wish you all the best !



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